Berichte über TieSight

„TieSight Instructs You in the Art of Constructing Cravats“


„Hier ist die Lösung für Mac-Nutzer: TieSight macht die iSight zum Knotenassistenten”


„Krawattenbinden lernen mit TieSight...“


„Ich selbst habe erst durch diese App gelernt eine Krawatte ordentlich zu binden.“

(Apfelhelp) “

„...ein kleines, wirklich praktisches Weihnachtsgeschenk...“

(Jonas‘ Kontrabass-Blog) “

„ if you were looking in a mirror as your dad stands behind you, coaching you in the immortal art of the half-windsor“


„TieSight is your necktie butler“

(wired insider)

„’s a surprisingly cool tool“


„Now, for those gents who lack instruction in one of life’s most basic yet pertinent skills comes a sartorial version of HAL 9000.“

(I do believe I came with a hat)

„All that’s needed to tie a perfect tie is TieSight, your Mac, and the Mac’s iSight or FaceTime camera.”


„ do you actually knot the damn thing? Technology to the rescue!“

„Here’s one of the more clever Mac app...“


„If you have troubles with ties, try out TieSight...“


„ingenious desktop/laptop app...“


„This here app might literally save your neck the next time...“

(Public School)

„Those days of arriving to work with a poorly spun, haphazard necktie are over“


„This handy new app guides you start-to-finish through 10 classic knots“


„...I found TieSight to be a handy, easy to use resource for tying knots.“


„...Maar het is wel echt geniaal.


„¿No es mala idea, verdad?.


„¿Cuánto nos cuesta estar guapos? 1,59 euros en el caso de la aplicación para iPad, 0,79 para iPod Touch / iPhone, 0,79 para OS X.


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